Pope Francis speaks,

Inoltre, il Vangelo di oggi ci ricorda che Gesù ha voluto per la sua Chiesa anche un centro visibile di comunione in Pietro – anche lui, non è una grande pietra, è una piccola pietra, ma presa da Gesù diventa centro di comunione – in Pietro e in coloro che gli sarebbero succeduti nella stessa responsabilità primaziale, che fin dalle origini sono stati identificati nei Vescovi di Roma, la città dove Pietro e Paolo hanno reso la testimonianza del sangue.
PAPA FRANCESCO > ANGELUS > Piazza San Pietro, Domenica, 27 agosto 2017
video: https://youtu.be/xfnPQlih2e4?t=7m5s

Moreover, today’s Gospel reminds us that Jesus also wanted for His Church a visible center of communion in Peter – even he isn’t a large stone, he is a small stone, but taken by Jesus he becomes center of communion — in Peter and in those that would succeed him in the same primatial responsibility, which from the beginning were identified in the Bishops of Rome, the city where Peter and Paul gave the witness of blood. – Angelus Address: Every little stone has its place in the Church (full translation) | ZENIT (My emphasis)

Earlier having said:

He says to Simon: “You, Simon, are Peter – namely stone, rock – and on this rock I will build my Church” (v. 18).

Pietro è una piccola pietra

Pietro è una piccola pietra?!

Peter is a small stone?!

Isn’t this what protestant reformers say to undercut the papacy so as to justify their breaking away from the Church and her head the successor of St. Peter, a position that cannot withstand Peter the Rock apologetic of Karl Keating? And haven’t more recent Protestants backed away from the position that early Protestants felt forced to make and have been able to admit that Peter is, indeed, the rock?

Pope Francis …

… is celebrated and loved by Freemasons.

seems to protestants as one of them.

makes perfect sense to Gnostics and Cabalists.

…, his postulates Hegelian. Cf. The Four Hooks On Which Bergoglio Hangs His Thought by Sandro Magister, ROME, May 19, 2016


he has Catholics scratching their heads.

Cf. Franziskus: “Kleine Steine” statt Fels der Kirche | katholisch.de

Words he spoke when the First Reading was on the prophetic warning from the LORD to steward Shebna, the master of the palace, who had hewn a tomb for himself.

Cf. Did Blessed Anna Katharina Emmerick foresee the Lutheranization of the Catholic Church in Our Time? ON FEBRUARY 17, 2017 BY THEWAROURTIME

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