Thank you Eric Dubay and thanks be to God and God bless you and all of yours and all your good works in His Name especially what you have done in exposing the works of darkness.


The Heliocentric Model of the universe cannot shed the Ancient concepts of Cosmology, for example, flat, stationery, non-rotating, non-revolving earth, a firmament, and lights (sun, moon, and stars) in the firmament.
Cf. Ancient Hebrew Cosmology | Michæl Paukner

Cf. 18 Bible search results for “firmament.”


1. Heliocentrism Demands a firmament.
2. They model a spherical earth but work off the flat-earth:
They work off this
a) Sailing has uninterruptedly from the past to the present always used plane trigonometry and not spherical/globe trigonometry, nor any trigonometry from any of the shapes they fancy to give to the earth like oblate spheroid or pear-shaped.
b) The curvature of the earth has yet to be observed nor can it be practically proven from their own curvature math [e.g. Earth Curve Calculator].
The following is a concession:

In the thermosphere, Earth’s curvature becomes distinctly clear and space travelers begin to experience “weightlessness”. Cf. Peeling Back the Layers of the Atmosphere | NOAA.

c) Surveyors, engineers, and architects are never required to factor [in] the supposed curvature of the Earth into their projects. [Cf. JULY 8, 2018 BY ERICDUBAY 200 Proofs Earth is Not a Spinning Ball (English), Proof 7)]
d) With the earth’s surface connected waters being about 70% and the rest 30% being continental landmasses [cf. UNIVERSE TODAY > Earth Surface] and given the properties of water like water seeking its level hence the term “sea level”, the earth’s surface must be flat.
e) Above Mean Sea Level (AMSL) is an indispensable navigational measurement tool in Aviation.
f) NASA and other governmental agencies and institutions assume a flat, non-rotating earth in their calculations.

g) None of their shapes [spherical to oblate spheroid to pear shape] can adequately explain the reality of the latitudes actually being concentric circles centered around the magnetic north pole and therefore increasing in distance toward the south Antarctic ice barrier.
h) They have yet to demonstrate northerly/southerly circumnavigation of the earth in any of their models.

Truth in Plain Sight

i) Men in Black – Bench Scene

Five hundred years ago, everybody knew the Earth was flat[.]

ii) The Truman (Tru[e] Man) Show
iii) Earth is depicted as flat in Gattaca
iv) The Temple Room in Minority Report

The power has always been with the priests, even if they had to invent the oracle.
– Danny Witwer [Colin Farrell]

v) The United Nations Flag


The Heliocentric Model of the universe cannot shed the Ancient concepts of Cosmology let alone be a replacement model for it. Heliocentrism is overwhelmingly a non-starter. They must exceedingly be proud of their massive success in brainwashing the entire world.


2) Flat Earth Sun, Moon & Zodiac Clock App by Blue Water Bay
The Flat Earth Podcast | Mr. David Weiss
4) Gleason’s new standard map of the world: on the projection of J. S. Christopher, Modern College, Blackheath, England; scientifically and practically correct; as “it is.”
5) Cf. THE WAR Unmasks and Exposes Star Wars: The Force Awakens. They tell their myths in movies and that’s where they also hide truth in plain sight.
6) Men in Black (1997); The Truman Show (1998); Gattaca (1997); Minority Report (2002).

Culpability of church in Church

1) Catholic Encyclopedia > Systems of the Universe

2) Pope Paul VI watched arrival Apollo 11’s on the moon and sent a message

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