Dr Taylor Marshall belongs to the Antichurch

inter alia, V = TG; Death

The perfect Antichurch

It was Pope Pius VIII who in 1829 gave one of the most apt and precise definitions of Freemasonry: “It is a satanic sect, which has its demon as its god” (cf. Encyclical Traditihumilitatinostrae). The essence of the free mason-religion consists in the perversion, that is in the subversion of the Divine Ordo of creation and in the transgression of the laws given by God, therein the higher masonic degree members see the “true progress” of humanity, the mental building of the temple of humanity. Instead of the revelation of God there stands the free masonic-secret and the human being makes himself ultimately a god (cf. X. Dor, Le Crime contreDieu, Chiré-en-Montreuil, 2016, 162).In fact, freemasonry is the perfect Anti-Church, where all the theological and moral foundations of the Catholic Church is turned into their opposite! A freemason told in a private talk to his sister the following: “Do you know what we freemasons are in fact? We are the anti-Church.”

The True Face of Freemasonry by Bishop Athanasius Schneider, September 20, 2014 | Gloria Dei

What is the religion of the crème de la elite crème?

Pope Francis is an ILLUMINATI PRIEST and an APOSTATE Bishop (ed. 6/5/2019)


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